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Feng Shui Living

Transform your Life
with Feng Shui Living
Harmony and energy are what we all yearn for in our busy lives today. Feng Shui (Wind & Water) is the ancient Chinese practice of decorating and arranging your home or workspace so that energy or “Chi” flows gently and smoothly, creating an atmosphere within which you feel your best.

Through adjustments and the use of colours and materials, your space will be energized to help you achieve your goals in the different areas of your life, be it career, relationships, health and wealth.

A detailed analysis will be done on your floor plans, your placement of furniture, colour, lighting, geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. Solutions and remedies will be presented to you so that you can begin to achieve your goals.

A Feng Shui study can be done on your home office alone (or your place of work), your apartment or your family villa.

How does a consultation work?

When you contact me, I will ask you to provide a copy of your floor plans and the exact names and dates of birth of each member of your family (living at the same address).

The Feng Shui map will be placed on your floor plans in order to identify the 9 zones or areas pertaining to your life. Your name and date of birth reveal a great deal about you ... from western numerology we can identify your lifepath colour and number (both pertinent in Feng Shui), and from the Chinese astrology, your natural element and optimal cardinal directions are revealed (great to know in interior design as well as Feng Shui).

Once this analysis is complete, we meet on-site, where you will be given a detailed presentation. Each area of your map will be explored in detail. All loss of energy, sha chi and/or other obstacles will be explained to you. Remedies and recommendations will be presented. We can, on many occasions, immediately put in place certain remedies! You will discover how to use your lifepath colour and elements, not only to decorate your interiors but also to achieve your goals.

Also while on site, we will check to see if any geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution issues need to be addressed.

Please note that all information is treated with complete confidentiality.

For prices please call us or complete the Contact Form

Shyamoli Andersen
Email: Info@Shyan.ch
+41 (0) 76 583 12 55
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