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Home Staging

What is it? Home staging is, in short, dressing up your property to its fullest potential so prospective buyers or tenants fall in love with it…. And want it immediately (and of course at the price you are asking for).

Why do you need to stage your property? The most difficult aspect in selling or renting out a property is striking the right balance between presenting a warm and welcoming home and creating an “almost blank” canvas on which the new owners can put their own stamp. Also, if you have already moved out, what can you do to make white walls and empty rooms show their potential?

So, if your property has been visited by many but has still not been rented or bought, contact us and we will show you simple, but effective tools to put into place.  Remember, most people cannot imagine how an empty space could be made cosy, or how to lighten up an overly cluttered personalised space.
Shyamoli Andersen
Email: Info@Shyan.ch
+41 (0) 76 583 12 55
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Copyright 2017-2021 - Shyan.ch - CHE-322.364.423
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