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About Shyan

Shyamoli Andersen
Email: Info@Shyan.ch
+41 (0) 76 583 12 55
About Shyan
Shyamoli Andersen
Feng Shui & Interior Design (Dipl)

Feng Shui has intrigued Shyamoli ever since she first read about it in the late 1980’s. Always a believer that our day to day life is intertwined with the environment within which we live and that earth energy can directly impact our destinies, she qualified as a professional Feng Shui consultant and Interior Designer.

Her compassion, intuition and knowledge in these domains is documented by some of her clients below.

What our Clients Say .....
A.E. (Coppet)
"I hired Shyamoli 5 years ago to Feng Shui my entire home. I had moved into a rental home after the construction on the house I was building was halted. I needed the rental house to support my family through a challenging period of legal filings and cases as well as to support us through life stage changes. I have my cabinet in my home and needed my cabinet to support my desire to attract good clients and support me in moving my business in a positive direction through the turmoil of my everyday life of legal dealings.

Shyamoli is very skilled and practical in her suggestions. When I moved things around and paid more attention to colour, positioning, supporting objects, the energy in the house shifted.

I recently moved house again and at this point our legal cases were getting close to settlements. Shyamoli came to the house before I placed any of my furniture and we went through the entire house. At this point my family needed peaceful and supporting energy for closure and forgiveness. We discussed where I would place my artwork, which carpets to place where, room use, etc. We had the house set up within days of moving in and it has been a haven for us ever since. Everyone that has entered our home or has stayed with us always comments on how peaceful and tranquil our home is. Recently I had Shyamoli return to our home as we had reached resolution in most of our legal cases and each member of my family was at a starting point or change phase in career and life. With the new alterations I again can feel the shift and support of the house and our surroundings.

My living space has always been important to me and I love colour and texture. With the help of Shyamoli I could use the furnishings that I have collected throughout my life and travels in the most supportive way possible. With each of Shyamoli’s visits I am also reminded to clear clutter and let go of things that we are not using, continuously assessing what “stuff” is important and what can be released to someone else to enjoy which is very liberating.

Thank you Shyamoli for all of your help and I know I will be calling on you in the future when we buy a new home here in Switzerland!"

L.L. (Owner of LANXEL, Versoix)
"When my workshop and business needed a boost of energy and flow I was lucky enough to come across Shyamoli. Her enormous knowledge of Feng Shui has helped and guided me to create a harmonious and positive work environment. Shyamoli is full of practical advice and solutions that have been easy to implement. Surprisingly I've had to add very few new items to the workshop as Shyamoli had so many ideas on how I could avoid stagnant energy by simply moving furniture around or add fabric. Working closely with Shyamoli has not only changed the energy for my team and I, but also been good for our revenue streams and production. I'm already looking forward to more fun and productive projects with Shyamoli."

I.M.B. (Bassins)
“When Shyamoli did the Feng Shui study of my home, she put all her professional knowledge, passion and enthusiasm into it. She explained each area and its importance and relevance. Shyamoli is talented and understands intuitively how to bring subtle shifts and changes to a place (which, importantly, one can handle according to his/her individual budget allowances) – and it certainly worked for me! My place feels like a breath of fresh air! Just a small example of how a tiny change can make a big difference: coming home from a hard day and looking at my Projects and Creativity area (where I have hung a colourful handbag which says “Happy Every Time”) it makes me smile, and I feel energised and I thank Shyamoli and Feng Shui. Namasté Shyamoli”

N.B. (Founex)
“While most areas of my life were going satisfactorily, I wanted Shyamoli to do the feng-shui of my place to see if any remedies needed to be put into place. Through discussion, I mentioned that I was sleeping really badly since re-arranging my bedroom. Shyamoli identified the problem, and provided me with a remedy. I can honestly say that I sleep well each and every night.  I ask her advice whenever I have a big decision/project coming up. Thanks Shyamoli”

A.D. (Villars-sur-Ollon / Versoix)
“Although I have not yet been able to put in place all the recommendations made by Shyamoli, her insight and analyses of my homes already have made a big difference. With her "expertise" and skills my house has become much more welcoming and a more intimate place for all of us. She has made me see, created awareness why certain places in the house did not "feel-good". Her thorough explanation and analysis report is a joy to read and stimulated me to try to put her advice into place. Shyamoli has the gift to listen and advise while respecting your own style. Her advices have made a big difference!”

P.L. (Nyon / Coppet)
“Having moved house many times I know how much your surroundings can impact your well-being. So for the last two houses I have asked Shyamoli's advice on how to create the perfect space and ambiance. Instead of moving furniture around endlessly, Shyamoli quickly came up with many wonderful solutions to enhance my interior. By combining her great sense of beauty with her solid knowledge of interior design and her passion for the ancient wisdom of feng-shui, Shyamoli is able to create a harmonious home in any place, in any size, in any style”
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Copyright 2017-2021 - Shyan.ch - CHE-322.364.423
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